"Ms Sattler-Hovdar is an absolutely reliable, excellent translator who has consistently delivered outstanding work even in the course of extremely large projects.
She is a superb team player, works with precision and meets every deadline, and we have benefited from her enormous experience on numerous occasions."
— Dieter Bromberg, Bromberg & Friends, Hamburg

"In many situations that require a fast, reliable and high-quality translation, Ms Sattler-Hovdar is our first point of contact. That is because her translations reflect not only the wording but also the culture of our company!"
— Reinhard Guggenberger, Vice President Human Resources, update software AG, Vienna

"Consistently on time, assiduous research, linguistic precision – all that in a large and thematically complex translation of a specialized book in economics."
— Frank Katzenmayer, Schäffer-Poeschel Verlag für Wirtschaft•Steuern•Recht GmbH, Stuttgart

"I am very happy with the translation, it meets very high standards. A masterpiece. Many, many thanks for the fast and excellent work."
(Translation of a comprehensive manual into English)

"I have been asked to pass on 'Compliments to the translator!'"
(Translation of a brochure lead-in for a German blue-chip bank)

"I really can't thank you enough. Not only for being fast, but for translating it brilliantly on top of that!!!!! Also on behalf of my colleagues on the team: MANY, MANY THANKS!"
(Rush translation of a presentation for a new business pitch by a major advertising agency)

"When I work with you I always know that everything is taken care of. As soon as I send you the job I needn't worry about it any more."
 (Comment by a translation agency with offices in several German cities)

"One should really stress that everyone is extremely satisfied with your work. In particular as regards precision, judiciousness and your sense of ambiguities. Our experience with other people has shown that this is very rare."
(Comment by a blue-chip software company for translations from English into German)

"The Client reviewer didn't make a single change to your translation. I'd say that is VERY good feedback!"
(Translation of a major US corporation's newsletter)

"[...] wanted to let you know that your translation was extremely well received when we made our presentation to a new customer. Thanks!"
(Translation of a new business pitch into English for an international advertising agency)

"The translation was excellent. 40 pages and only a few comments, that's unbelievable, that's never happened to me before."
(Translation of RFQ documents from Danish into German)

"Whoever did that summary did an excellent job."
(Preparation of a distilled version of an oral presentation for a renowned British journalist)

"I am very pleased with your participation in this project. If there ever is any more need for German work, I will definitely come to you first for the translation."
(Editing of a German brochure translation for a Canadian translation agency)

"We would like you to be the translator for this client. They are delighted with the results of your German translation...!"
(Translation of press releases for a software company via an international translation agency)

"Many thanks for sending your translation. After giving it a first 'diagonal reading' I see that you have tackled this subject, which I consider very difficult to translate into German, in a very skillful way. Chapeau!"
(Translation of several strategic documents on relationship marketing from English into German for an international advertising agency)

"Dear Ms. Sattler, I am glad I found you, because I like your translation very much, [and I also haven't] found one single contextual misinterpretation. And as regards style, well, I'm sure you know that yourself, you just have that gift."
(Translation of a fund brochure from English into German)

"Thanks very much. Of course, everyone was VERY pleased with you!"
(Interpreting assignment for an international market research project)

"Thank you for your perfect work!"
(Coordination and review of a rush translation of RFQ documents from German into English)

"Thank you for your effort. We have received nothing but positive feedback from our client!"
(Interpreting on a field trip for top-level EU politicians by assignment of an international agency)

"I just wanted to let you know that the client was extremely happy with the translation of the script!"
(Translation of a top-management presentation from English into German)

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